Doug Kirkman

Executive Pastor

Phone Number: (907) 750-9153
Doug Kirkman was born into a military family and joined the US Air Force when he was
twenty years old. For the next twenty-five years, he worked as an Air Traffic Controller
in Arkansas, Portugal, New Mexico, Mississippi, North Carolina, Alaska, and North
Dakota, with short stays in England, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Greece, and
Canada. He earned the rank of Senior Master Sergeant (E-8) and finally hung up his
stripes in 2014.
After retiring, he took a job as a contractor for the Air National Guard and now serves
as the Chief, Air Traffic Controller at Ellington Airport. In 2018, he also assumed the
role of Contract Manager in which he oversees all aspects of the contract and directly
manages over 35 employees at airports in Texas, Rhode Island, Ohio, West Virginia,
Vermont, North Carolina, and New York.
Doug graduated from the College of the Air Force with degrees in Airway Science and
Instructor of Technology & Military Science. In addition, he completed coursework
towards a BS in Religious Studies from Liberty University.
Doug and Gina met in 1989 when Gina’s father took over as the pastor of the church
Doug was attending. They have been married since 1991 and have three
children…Nicole, Nathan, and Noah.
During their 30+ years together, Gina homeschooled all three children, with two of
them having graduated from college, while Doug had the opportunity to focus on his
military career. In the early 1990’s they both acknowledged God’s call to serve in the
While Doug and Gina have different gifts and abilities, they have several things in
common…they both love to serve God, teach the Bible, and develop leaders. Their time
together in the military permitted them to serve under many different pastors and
allowed them to glean a wealth of leadership and managerial knowledge. The one thing
that continually motivates them and has remained a constant in their life and ministry is
the belief they should strive for excellence in whatever role they serve and in whatever
work they are called.